Saturday, September 14, 2013

9.30.13 Meeting Agenda

Opening Business
  1. Welcome and Celebrate
    • What do you value most?
    • Why are you here?
Abby - Respect, Opportunity
Erika - Opportunity, Make it a Better Place
Danielle - Meeting new people, Education, Get more Involved.
Taryn - Relationships with teachers and students, want to make TNHS the best it can be. 
Nada - Value structure, broadens view of school. 
Taylor - Relationships with peers, Want to be a Part before I leave.
Stephany - Value teachers, want to make school best it can be. 
Jarrod - Value respect between, tennis team, good friendships, Here because I want to leave a mark. 

Actionable Items 
  1. Revisiting Future of General Assembly 
    1. Formalizing Structure
      • LEADERs? I like the equity that is currently in place. Mr. Bradley should be able to get honest feedback from each of you. 
      • More progress possible with more student LEADERship. 
      • Considering specific roles: 
        • Spirit 
        • Safety, Respect, and Security
        • Physical Appearance
        • Academics 
    2. Accountability and Attendance
      1. One excused absence. 
      2. Zero unexcused absence. 
    3. Long-term calendars set.
      1. Check Commons
    4. Common days for meetings set.
      1. First Monday of each month. 
  2. Defining School Spirit
    1. Positives 
      • Improved turn out.
      • Not as many negative comments.
      • Improved teacher-student relationships. 
    2. Negative 
      • No organized spirit effort. 
      • G-Nation is not thriving. 
      • Students, Coaches, Athletics, School Leaders. 
      • Should be student run. Are students capable of uniting/igniting G-Nation? 
      • LEADER should be there to facilitate. 
  3. Revisiting SMART Goals

  4. Culture Survey Dates 

Agenda for Next Meeting 11.5.13
1. Roles and Focus Areas 
2. Culture Survey Evaluation and Revision.
3. School Spirit Defined. 

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