Thursday, September 4, 2014

9.4.14 General Assembly and Icarus Ignites

  1. What is Citizenship?  Revisited (5 min.)
    1. Student Paper 1
    2. Student Paper 2
    3. Student Paper 3 
    4. Student Paper 4
  2. What is important to consider as we go through this process? What is the goal? (5 min.)
      • Awareness of self and selflessness. 
      • Honor students that are modeling for others. 
      • Instill student desire to support others. 
      • Promote real-world participation. 
      • What is our focus - local, national, global mindset?
      • Restrictions and wiggle room. How do you make room for the innovation and outliers?
      • How to get students involved that would not typically involved? Is this an in school thing? 
      • How do we make it attainable for every students? 
  3. Reviewing the current Citizenship indicators.  
      • What makes sense? 
      • What questions come up?
      • What direction do you see us going in?