Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12.3.13 Agenda

1. Opening Business (5 min.)

  • What makes a teacher great?
    • Can be serious, but also know what they're talking about. 
    • Demonstrating enthusiasm. 
    • Explain in different ways. 
    • Provide resources that you need. 
    • Teachers stay on topic and don't tell you their life story. 
    • Being prepared - literally doing something the entire time. 
    • Back-up plan. 
2. Review of Previous Meeting Notes from November
3. Actionable Items 
  • I like it when...
    • ACT Practice - this is really important on the ACT. 
    • Analysis of IAs this past time was really helpful - Re-teach week. 
    • Templates for Note Cards
    • Week outlines - looking ahead.  
    • Future Story Checkpoints
  • I don't like it when... 
    • We have group projects. 
    • We don't test reviews. 
    • AP Level - Worksheets
    • Busy work. 
    • Lack of coherence. 
    • Hate it when we don't have something to work on.
    • I don't like it when we're not taught things on the test. 
    • Copying off of PowerPoints. 
    • I don't think we give enough encouragement to kids that need it. 
    • How do we celebrate students that are not on the list? 
    • LEADER Prep. Content and Purpose 
  • Finalizing Culture Survey
  • What makes sense? 
  • How can we make it more real for students?
      • Spirit (MW)
      • Safety, Care, and Security (AW, NK)
      • Physical Appearance (SV, EC)
      • Academics (AK, TR)
  • Revisiting SMART Goals
  • Culture Survey Dates